Pentacle Theatre has a total of 191 comfortable seats. Every seat provides a clear view of the stage.

On this map, the blue seats indicate seats held for volunteers and others.

c=directors, ushers, box office staff, concession volunteers

d=seats for sale, but controlled by the director

w=wheelchair seats. These seats can be reserved for patrons who use wheelchairs. If the patron is unable to transfer to a seat, we can remove these seats and the patron can remain in the wheelchair for the entire performance. Available only by contacting the office during business hours.

For 2023: New Ticket Pricing

You know how costs are going up…especially for live performances? That can be an “ouch” on your pocketbook.

Pentacle Theatre has heard you and we are listening!

To respond to you, our loyal patrons, Pentacle Theatre is keeping most seats at 2019 levels by introducing flexible tiered seat prices.

This is also a way that we can expand access to Pentacle’s performances to a wider audience.

You will see that we have adjusted ticket pricing to reflect seat demand. The price for the most asked-for seats has increased while the cost for other seats has decreased.

The base price seat for Friday and Saturday tickets (seats labeled B) are the same as our 2019 ticket prices: $25 for a play and $30 for a musical. Premium seats (labeled A) cost more and wing seats (labeled C) are discounted.

In addition, all tiers for Thursday performances are further reduced in price. As in the past, Sunday’s tickets for all tiers will be slightly higher because of higher demand. Please below for more detail about our 2023 ticket price structure.

Season tickets
SectionThursdayFriday & SaturdaySunday
Aisle seats (labeled A)$185$220$247
Base seats (labeled B)$141$169$194
Wing seats (labeled C)$111$134$155
Single tickets: plays
SectionThursdayFriday & SaturdaySunday
Aisle seats (labeled A)$28$33$37
Base seats (labeled B)$21$25$29
Wing seats (labeled C)$17$20$23
Single tickets: musicals
SectionThursdayFriday & SaturdaySunday
Aisle seats (labeled A)$33$39$45
Base seats (labeled B)$26$30$35
Wing seats (labeled C)$20$24$28