Our Strategic Plan


In our continuing quest for excellence, Pentacle Theatre seeks to be a significant and trusted cultural resource for the community.


Our mission

Pentacle Theatre provides community members a collaborative opportunity to create and experience theater in an atmosphere of respect, support and enjoyment.


Strategic goals

Pillar: Financial
If we adhere to our capital improvement plan and our strategy for funding,
We will be prepared for expenditures (both planned and unexpected) and can protect our investments.

Pillar: Infrastructure
If we increase our technical director’s skill set,
We will increase employee engagement, enhance the quality of our productions, and support positive relationships with our directors.

If we develop a succession plan for all committee chairs and employees,
We will be prepared for unexpected absences, support continuity of services, and avoid breakdown of information and operations.

If we support our risk management plan/system,
We will minimize our risks and increase safety for our patrons, employees, volunteers and facilities.

Pillar: volunteers
If we offer cross training and skill development opportunities,
We will increase volunteer engagement and our pool of reliable resources.

Pillars supporting our mission and vision


Policies, Systems, Assets (facilities, props, costumes, equipment), Staff, Productions, Play Reading

Financial performance

Board, Financial health & planning, Fundraising, Development


Front of house, Back stage, Facilities, Committees